Fortnite clock tower, pink tree, porcelain dancing space (Challenges of places for Week 4)


New Fortune Challenges for Season 6 of Week 4 are still available, and in some recent weeks, these are some tricks that you need to know the map well. One such challenge involves your dance at the top of the clock tower (later two two distinctive butterfly places, pink trees and portable linen). By doing this you will earn some experience, but, more importantly, you need to raise up the war star near your war and you will find the sweet, sweet dishes. To make this specific challenge, you really need to possess a war pass, because it is special for those players. While standing, we know about a clock tower, so here’s what you want to do and to make sure you’ve completed your challenge.

In the clock, the clock tower can be found in intense towers. If you are flying, go out of your glider and it is very easy to make a Southwest corner. Of course, you will be required to target it above, but if you end up the landing ground and bottom, you can always build your way there. One thing is considered that the roof of the clock tower can be destroyed, which makes it easy to kill, but it is not too difficult to plant it on the clock to stop itself. Once you once in an hour or clock tower, pick up on your eccentric wheel and bust some moves.

Once you do, you need to dance over the concrete tree. You will find one of these at the center of Lucky Landing. This strategy is one here: ground over it, and back up. Sadly, you can find out whether people are trying – or already – by cutting trees, in which situation you should leave and try again to go to another match.

Head to the flush factory for the third part of this challenge, where you must dance over the Porscheen throne. If you did not think it was a fancy way of “toilets”. Once done, you must end. Keep an eye only for pop-ups that confirm the challenge is complete. You can see all three places in the above photos.


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