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Lenovo Yoga Book C930 review | Techysharma

THIS IS THE Lenovo Yoga Book C930 review BY TECHY SHARMA.Lenovo Yoga Book C930 review BY TECHY SHARMALenovo Yoga Book C930 review | Techysharma.

Computer LaptopPlayo Yoga Book C930
There are very high, high-portable, premium laptops to choose there, but let’s face it: At the end of the day, they are more than different. All Dell XPS 13, Acer Swift 7 (Amazon $ 886), HP Speaker or MacBook Air (Walmart $ 9 900) all have a clishell, which connects a color LCD display to a physical keyboard and touchpad. Some have touchscreen, some have different portes or LTE antennas, but what exactly did you see the portable PC different from?

The Yoga book C930 ($ 950 from the best purchase at the best purchase) is definitely different. For those differences, it is better for discussion. But it is not hard to like a laptop that takes industry conventions so large and can paste them out of the window. Does the Yoga Book ($ 271 in the Amazon Market) stand that it adds a second touch screen with an LCD Touchscreen, 360 degree degree in between. The single available configuration is $ 9 99. International prices and availability are not yet available, but it works till £ 770 or AU $ 1,400.

On-screen, On-display keyboard

How is a type of unusual device? The e-display display is considered to be the lower half of the clishell. There, monochrome appears on the on-screen keyboard demand, complete with touchpad. An option menu provides a variety of keyboard layouts and provides both the level of fake keyboard clacking sounds and the level of haptic responses (but it is playing very common, the key is not specified for the specified key).

Keyboard choices are a standard design full-time touchpad area, and a large version with touchpad which just pops up on a version. That great version certainly makes for a good typing experience, or at least it is more forgettable to reduce the reaction reaction.Lenovo Yoga Book C930 review | Techysharma

Lenovo says that the keyboard app afterwards will type your pseudo type to the full flange key. But my biggest problem was that I could never use to call and remove touch pad. Too many examples of taping the space bar when trying to click this button, or others go to my finger where my brain hopes for touchpad (Sends a letter far away from touchpad to any keyboard and returns the space bar).

Real typing, including most of this review, was better than expected. I would be a typer expert, but at least once I go to a new laptop, so I’m good at ximming on the new keyboard. This helps that the keys are in the right place with normal spacing. But when you type, you must keep an eye on the keyboard.

Touchpad is hard to use. Your finger slide line is easy to slide the line on the keys, and looks like touchpad’s automatic hide version when you do not need this, but always there when you are not.

With Windows 10 (Amazon $ 99) touchscreen controls, it is easier to use with keyboards and touchpads, so there is a sign of a very smart PC otherwise, without experience of good keyboard / touchpad.Lenovo Yoga Book C930 review | Techysharma

Second chance

The idea of ​​laptops with a screen keyboard is rare, but it’s not new. In fact, this is the second generation of yoga bookmarks. 2016 original (two available on Windows and Android editions) two LCD displays, as a primary curtain, other than a single screen keyboard, tablet or secondary screen drawings. The typing experience was subpar, but the idea that any app or browser was able to use the screen for the browser window was good. It was also organized by a sluggish Intel Atom processor. The true old-timer reminds the same Acquisition Icoccupia, with the LCDs I reviewed in 2011.

Because this new version swaps the LCD below for the e-Messiah, it gives the ability to read some battery and e-edges. Flip the screen around the “tablet” mode, and anyone can use e-display only, any broker owner will tell you that there is a real battery saving. But with the streaming video running LCD, the battery life ran only four hours, which is good for superthins, the most laptop you should travel with.Lenovo Yoga Book C930 review | Techysharma

Cool ideas, but a tough sale

The addition of its E Ink screen and keyboard, the Yoga Book C930 adds a few other interesting twists. The clamshell stays off until you rap lightly on the lid, at which point it pops open. People I showed that were genuinely impressed. There is also a Windows Hello fingerprint reader right above the keyboard.

Benchmark testing showed that performance was not a standout, but still the usual fine for everyday tasks. Even though the sticker on the system proclaims a very mainstream-sounding seventh-gen Intel Core i5, it’s a part of the low-power Y series, which means very thin, fanless laptops that need it to take on heat and power consumption. Compared to other laptops with Core i3, Celeron or Snapdragon processors, it is well presented, but also costs more than those.

The Yoga book has undoubtedly ignored me. It reminds me more than that, but how can we think about the laptop about how to make practical and change of future future.

I really used to experiment with this very inventive PC, which seeks to break some criteria in search of new and unique items. However, e-in-keyboard and touchpad often does not work for most typestists, and the lack of support for broker’s form reduces the system’s biggest selling point of view.



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